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Expanded by every user providing input to make it stronger and easier.

The Solution is Here Organize More Effectively

Wouldn’t it be great if there was software available just for sign makers? Well, now there is! Square Coil is the only sign business management software that covers all the bases. From sign inventory management software to business estimating, Square Coil effortlessly tracks all your jobs every step of the way, so you never miss a thing. Buying our sign project management software online is the surest way to keep track of your sign production, business and manufacturing contacts, building permits, and employees all in one place.

There’s no better way to run a sign-making business than by using sign company management software designed for that very purpose. At Square Coil, we know what’s required to make signs. We can anticipate your needs in advance, leaving nothing to chance. Using our sign production management software is like having your own management team expert in the field of sign production, working for you 24 hours a day. And, it never calls in sick!

Square Coil is the intuitive, all in one sign company software that you’ve been searching for. Manage more projects in less time with more accuracy and greater profits. With built in workflows, this cloud based software will help you combat missed dates, unordered material, and juggling the commitments that your sales staff have promised. Our unique and organic organizational structure will make owning a sign company fun again…

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Square Coil is Unlike Anything You Have Seen Before Full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Cloud Based

When working in the cloud each computer, tablet and smart phone is now transformed into your personal work station.

Fully Integrated Estimating

Our sign estimating software is broken into 5 five easy to use sections that form an integral part of this ERP.

Flexible Price Plans

Enjoy the freedom to choose between three different price plans based on your company size. Don’t pay for more than you need!

Live Customer Support

Speak to a live representative who really uses this sign shop management software and knows the sign industry.

Complete Data

Three servers are set up specifically for your company to ensure your data is always safe and at your fingertips.


Communicate with peace of mind with the aid of cryptographic key technology that creates a secure connection with your server.

Why Square Coil?

Square Coil was created to take the headache out of managing projects and give you the extra time to put the art back into sign making.

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